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Web Audio Made Really Easy , Simple 6 Step Wizard Puts Streaming Flash Audio On Your Web Site

FACT: Adding Audio To Your Website Can Increase Performance by up to 312%

A Simple Step-By-Step Audio Wizard That Creates Everything You Need To Add Audio To Your Website In Just 2½ Minutes... Or Less"A Simple Step-By-Step Audio Wizard That Creates
Everything You Need To Add Audio To Your Website In
Just 2½ Minutes... Or Less!"

"...we tested the program out with 7 computer know-nothings and they averaged 2½ Minutes..."

From: Nick James
Re: The New Release Of Flash Audio Wizard Version 4

Hi this is Nick James,

There's no question about it, audio driven Websites are currently taking the Internet by storm.

There is now over whelming proof that adding audio to a website can solely be responsible for increasing both sales and subscription rates.... So what about YOU?

Are you using audio yet? If the answer is NO ... You could be losing out on hundreds of extra follow up subscribers and countless valuable sales! Here's why...

Why Is It People With Talking WebPages Achieve More Sales?

The answer is dead-simple. Adding audio to your website smashes the silence of the world-wide-web.

Web Audio makes web pages come alive. Adding audio buttons to your web pages allows your visitors to interact more within your website.

This interaction in turn creates more sales and newsletter subscriptions!

On that note, why not enroll in my FREE 7 Part "Audio Secrets" Email Course? (Valued at $19.97) It Gives You Heaps Of Audio Tips & Tricks:

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How Web Audio Can Increase Your Website's Performance

Here Are 5 Important Improvements Web Audio Can Make To Your Website For Starters...

  • Increase Your Conversion Ratio FACT: Adding your voice to your home page, order form or any other page within your website can increase your visitor to customer conversion rate three fold... Using audio could save you from handing over a fortune to a professional copywriter or wasting hours rewriting your web copy just to get the same effect.

  • Increase Your Number Of Subscribers FACT: Adding a personal voice message to your website can fast track your online newsletter or eZine sign-ups. Audio leads visitors by the hand into submitting their details. (One recent customer increased the opt-in rate to his email list from around 15 per day to just under 50 a day - just by adding audio!)

  • Increase Your Number Of Orders FACT: Adding your voice to your website right at the point where your customers complete the final steps of the order process can decrease the number of last minute dropouts from your shopping cart or order pages. These customers were just about to press the button to order, don't lose them now!

  • Increase Traffic To Your Website FACT: Adding your voice to HTML e-mail's and online articles can quickly increase your eZine click-through rates. Encouraging more subscribers to visit your website (or an affiliate site)... meaning you make more sales and earn more commissions.

  • Increase Your Website's Product Range FACT: You can use audio on your website to increase your product range. One customer added 4 brand new products to his website in just one day by simply recording audio reports and selling them!

  • Flash Audio Wizard Gives You All This & Much, Much, Much more: It just takes a little creativity and the sky's your limit!

Let Me Show You Just How Easily It Is
To Add Audio To Your Website
With Flash Audio Wizard

Click The Play Button To Watch The Demo Video (it's only 3½ Minutes long)

Now, I know what your thinking ... "is it really that simple?" The truth is YES, it is. The only part that might appear to be technical is adding the HTML code, which Flash Audio Wizard automatically generates to your existing webpage. Restassured it's simple enough to do though. But if you're still a little worried... just Click Here to watch another easy to follow video tutorial that will show you exactly how to do it... I promise you it couldn't be any easier than this....

Click To Download Flash Audio Wizard Now

Still Not Sure If Flash Audio Wizard Will Increase Your Website Sales?

Here are a few quick-fire ways you can build your web business using FlashAudioWizard.


Welcome Voice On Homepage: As your visitors arrive at your home page you can program your audio to play automatically, A welcoming voice with a reassuring tone will certainly encourage your website visitors to trust you.


Instructions On What To Do Next: Lots of websites repeatedly lose sales because their visitors don't know what to do next. Sometimes it's not obvious which buttons to press, how to complete an order, or how long to wait for a response. Add FlashAudioWizard to your website at this crucial point when your potential buyers need a little more help and you're much less likely to lose them.


Talking eBooks & CD ROMs: Typing an ebook can take weeks. However, you can create a new product by simply talking into a microphone for 60 minutes or so, and then selling the audio file as an audio eBook.
(An extra tip here, is to pay a fast typist to do a transcript of the recording at a later date. This will increase your eBook's value.)


Testimonials That Talk: Audio Testimonials are extremely powerful. Use them to provide proof that your product or service is second to none. The effect LIVE testimonials have over written testimonials is astonishing. They add pure realism and support to your website.


eZines With Live Audio: Add value and uniqueness to your eZine by using audio commentary to promote new ideas to your subscribers.


Email With Audio: A great way to personalize your messages is to add your voice to your emails.


Updates Using Audio: If you don't want to sit and type long emails about the latest updates on your website you can use audio. Audio is perfect for letting your visitors know about anything new you've added to your website. Recording an audio message will only take you 5 - 10 minutes compared with the hour or so it will take you to type it.

And you know, with a little more imagination, having audio on your Webpages could literally explode your business on the web.

Click To Download Flash Audio Wizard Now

Plus With FlashAudioWizard Adding Audio To Your Website Couldn't Get Any Easier... Here's Why:

  • SIX SIMPLE STEPS: In just 6 very simple steps YOU can have audio playing on YOUR webpages - within minutes of downloading FlashAudioWizard.

  • NO MONTHLY PAYMENTS: Unlike other audio solutions FlashAudioWizard does not bill you each month. - It's not a service it's a product that you can own - Download once and that's it. You can use it over and over again. (You'll even get free upgrades... for life... more on this later...)
  • 20 DIFFERENT BUTTON DESIGNS: FlashAudioWizard lets you choose your audio buttons from a massive selection of 20 unique designs - that's more than any other audio tool out there! If that's not enough for you... no problem... even more designs will be released as part of the free upgrades.
  • MILLIONS OF COLORS: You'll be able to choose the color of your audio buttons from any of the get the 16+ Million available in the "hex" web color pallet. It just doesn't get any better than this.
  • BUILT IN VOICE RECORDER: It's really simple to make your own voice recordings using FlashAudioWizard because it has it's own BUILT-IN-VOICE-RECORDER. You record in one easy step directly into FlashAudioWizard. (NO ADDITIONAL SOFTWARE IS REQUIRED!)
  • BUILT IN MULTI-MEDIA USERGUIDE: Also included within FlashAudioWizard is a well written userguide featuring it's own keyword search facility, step-by-step instruction videos, and a free 'point and click' color wheel that displays all of the 16+ Million button colors at your disposal.
Click To Download Flash Audio Wizard Now

How Would You Like To Review FlashAudioWizard
and 'test drive' web audio on your website

If you would, then in a second I'll tell you how you can do just that...

But first, I want to quickly mention something that I meant to tell you about earlier, because it's quite important.

I've deliberately kept FlashAudioWizard as simple as possible so that everyone can use it, but I want you to understand that this doesn't mean you are restricted in any way to recording "dry" voice audio messages on your website... certainly not.

You are also able to dynamically spruce up your audio recordings by using special effects such as echos, musical intro's, outro's and "music beds" (music designed for talking over) - like I have done with the audios on this page. The choice is yours.

The only difference is, it takes a little more time to record and some practice getting it to sound just right. You'll also need to use the two goodies I'm giving away for free when you download FlashAudioWizard (if you want them).

Free Bonus 1: Buy Out Music -
Web Audio Production Starter Package

Nearly every TV Station, Radio Station and Independent Production Company in the world over uses something called "Buy Out" or "Royalty Free" music. The idea is that they pay a one-time license fee (which sometimes runs into several thousand dollars) for a library of music which they can then use in any production they want. Be it a Full-Lengh Movie, TV Program or 30 Second Radio Commercial.

I have managed to negotiate a deal for you with the "main copyright holder" of some very professional Buy-Out Music, to include a FREE Web Audio Production Starter Package for you. The package contains 12 professionally composed and recorded musical beds, 9 intro's and 5 outro's. Use them with my compliments however you see fit when recording your web audio. This package alone is worth $49.00 on it's own.

Please note: - As you can imagine, I have only managed to secure a limited number of these FREE Web Audio Production Starter Packages from the copyright holder. This bonus package will ONLY be available for the first 100 download requests for FlashAudioWizard that I receive. (After that I'll have to try to negotiate another deal.) Though, I will GUARANTEE your free Web Audio Production Starter Package if I receive you download Flash Audio Wizard before .

Free Bonus 2: - Audio Editing Software Package

Spruce up your audio recordings by mixing together your 'buy-out' music tracks and voice recordings, with special effects. You'll find this handy extra program infinitely useful. It comes complete with many built-in special effects including Echo Creating, Tempo Changing, and Noise Reduction.

Again, I have managed to negotiate a special deal with the developers of this software allowing you to download a FREE copy at the same time as you download FlashAudioWizard. Many other similar programs sell for around $97.

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Click To Download Flash Audio Wizard Now
So How Can You Get To Review A Copy Of FlashAudioWizard?

Well, I'll get straight to the point. When you find some software that is this good, and works just like I've promised, you don't need any fancy 'inducements', 'discounts' or 'buy-one-get-one free' type offers.

So here's what I finally decided…

I've decided to offer file downloads of FlashAudioWizard on a NO RISK GUARANTEE basis for just one single payment of $67. (Unlimited Use - There are no other financial commitments or purchases expected from you either now or in the future).

And that's great value especially when you consider…

Audio can quickly increase your website conversion rate

Audio can quickly increase you email subscriptions

Audio can quickly increase you online sales

Audio can quickly increase targeted traffic to your website

Audio can quickly increase your websites product range

Plus FlashAudioWizard is the easiest Web Audio Software to use. I personally guarantee you'll be able to master each of the six simple steps in less than 5 minutes from downloading and using the wizard for the first time.

But don't take my word for it. Experience FlashAudioWizard for yourself.

PLUS don't forget I have been able to negotiate two very special deals for you in order to include some very useful FREE Bonuses…

BONUS 1 - Web Audio Production Starter Package. - $49 value

BONUS 2 - Audio Editing Software Package - $100 value

That's a total value of at least $146 of bonuses included FREE!

However, despite all this, I'd still like to give you the chance to review FlashAudioWizard WITHOUT ANY RISK OR OBLIGATION WHATSOEVER.

Click To Download Flash Audio Wizard Now

Money-Back Guarantee…

Unlike many of the so called guarantee's offered on the Internet - Mine is SOLID and extremely simple and straightforward to understand.

"If you find FlashAudioWizard does not perform as I have described... Or you don't feel that you have benefited from using Web Audio on your website... Just email me WITHIN 60 DAYS I'll immediately arrange for a full refund of your download fee - No questions asked."

Click To Download Flash Audio Wizard Now


You don't have to answer any awkward questions about why you'd like a refund. You certainly don't need to produce any evidence that you've tried the product out on your website.

Furthermore, if you do decide FlashAudioWizard is not for you, all I ask is that you un-install it from your computer once you have received your refund.

You are free to keep using Free Bonus 1: Web Audio Production Starter Package AND Free Bonus 2: The Audio Editing Software Package. They're yours with my compliments, whatever you decide.

At the very worst, even if you decide FlashAudioWizard isn't for you, you'd still end up with over $149 worth of audio tools. In other words...

I've REMOVED all the risk. You really do have nothing to lose by taking a look and trying it out for yourself.

So here's what to do now…


And In About 2 Minutes Time You Can Have FlashAudioWizard Creating Audio For Your Website!

*** $67.00 Unlimited Use ***

Click To Download Flash Audio Wizard Now

Now I know with these types of offers you're always asked to 'Act Fast'…

…but in this case it really happens to be true:

Because I can ONLY GUARANTEE FREE Bonus 1 - The Web Audio Production Starter Package if you are one of the first 100 people to download FlashAudioWizard from this website. That's the agreement I have with the main copyright license holder. However if I receive your download request by the I will guarantee it's inclusion.

Which is why you genuinely need to get your skates on with this particular offer.

Still Not Sure?

Okay, with that said, I guess it's over to you. All I can add, just in case you're still not sure about adding audio to your website is that you should visit our Customer Feedback page and listen to what our customers are already saying about web audio and FlashAudioWizard.

Finally, thank you so much for taking the time to read my webpage. if you have any questions that have not already been answered, then please don't hesitate to contact me.

Kindest Regards

Nick James
Owner & Developer..

P.S. You have NOTHING TO LOSE whatsoever. You are completely covered by our 100% Risk-Free Money-Back Guarantee. Even if you decide that this is not for you after reviewing the program, you get to keep both bonuses 1 and 2… that's over $149 worth of free bonuses for you to keep no matter what you decide.

Click To Download Flash Audio Wizard Now

Minimum Requirements:
CPU 80386 | 1Mb of free Hard Disk Drive space | 8Mb of memory |800 x 600 display resolution
16 Bit Sound-Card & PC Microphone / Headset